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If you fall ill and need to see a specialist, what do you do? You seek a referral from a trusted friend or medical professional.

What about when you or a loved one has been critically injured due to someone else’s negligence? You can’t just trust any lawyer to represent you in the case that you’ve been injured due to an automobile accident, medical malpractice, a dangerous product, unsafe property conditions, a dog or pet attack, or an industrial accident. Insurance companies protect their own financial interests and large corporations hire legal teams to safeguard against paying settlements when they are guilty of negligence.

You need solid, aggressive representation from attorneys who know how to win.  Our Vermont and New Hampshire personal injury lawyers at Van Dorn & Curtiss have been trying and winning personal injury cases in New Hampshire and Vermont for years, and we secure generous jury awards for our clients. We are so effective in representing injured persons in a court of law that when defendants and their insurance companies realize an injury victim has retained Van Dorn& Curtiss, they would often rather settle out of court than go to trial against our experienced and well prepared attorneys.

If the defendant or its  insurance company  won’t give you a fair settlement, our attorneys will go to trial and put all of our firm's resources toward recovering all of the money damages for you that the law will provide. Our reputation for winning is widely known and many  other law firms refer cases they can’t handle to us, and that kind of reputation is essential to successfully representing our clients in their personal injury  cases.

In order to fully understand the inner workings of a personal injury case, see our publication The Personal Injury Handbook. You’ll find out how and why the attorneys of Van Dorn & Curtiss are so effective in the courtroom and what our outstanding reputation for winning jury awards means to the success of your case.

If you’ve been critically injured due to the negligence of another, you need representation by the lawyers other lawyers trust – Van Dorn & Curtiss, PLLC.

The Lawyers other Lawyers Trust

The record shows that our attorneys win cases, and we should, given our experience. Ed Van Dorn has an intimate knowledge of trial law, and he has been featured in Trial Magazine, U.S. Law Week, and he is also a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

All Van Dorn & Curtiss attorneys are members of the American Association for Justice, the New Hampshire Bar Association, and the New Hampshire Association for Justice. Ed Van Dorn and Rob Curtiss are both members of the Vermont Bar Association and the Vermont Association for Justice.

Rob Curtiss has had a record breaking 2013. In April he obtained a Five Million Dollar verdict for a victim of sexual abuse. In June he was part of a trial team that obtained a 43 Million Dollar Verdict, the largest in Vermont history, for his quadriplegic client. In between these two trials, he received the Board of Governors award from the New Hampshire Association for Justice for his efforts to help other attorneys master trial skills.

With our credentials and proven record of winning court cases, it’s no wonder that other law firms refer clients to us.

As a full service law firm, we are equipped to handle the extra issues related to your claim but separate from the settlement of the main case, such as insurance liens, unpaid medical bills, and the recovery of insurance benefits. Many  law firms do not provide these services, but at Van Dorn & Curtiss we will not only provide these services, but we will include them in the payment of only one contingency fee and we will represent these claims as aggressively and successfully as we try your main case.

We successfully represent clients in Western New Hampshire and Eastern Vermont, including the counties of Coos, Grafton, Sullivan, Cheshire, Merrimack, Essex, Caledonia, Orange, Windsor, and Windham. If you want aggressive and expert pursuit of your personal injury claim, call Van Dorn & Curtiss today at 1-866-632-8980 for a consultation. If you want to win, trust the lawyers other lawyers trust, and call Van Dorn & Curtiss today.


Automobile Accidents

The award winning law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to auto accident victims and their families. While small fender benders may not cause serious harm such as brain damage and spinal cord injuries, accidents involving high speeds, drunk drivers, tractor trailers, and motorcycles often do result in critical injury, yet insurance companies aren’t always willing to fully compensate injured persons. If fault cannot be proven, then there is no case, and we have mastered the art of proving negligence. We take cases to trial and we win time and time again. If you have been injured in an automobile accident in New Hampshire or Vermont, Van Dorn & Curtiss will litigate and obtain the jury award you deserve. Call us toll free at (877) 611-9622 for a free consultation.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies profit by paying out as little as possible on claims. Our job is to make sure our clients get fair and just settlements from insurance companies.

Personal Injury

If you are in New Hampshire or Vermont and in need of an experienced personal injury lawyer, the accomplished professionals at Van Dorn & Curtiss can help.

Wrongful Death

The ultimate tragedy is the loss of human life, and that tragedy is compounded when the loss is due to the actions of another. In a wrongful death case, the loss of a loved one is due to the negligence of another, and the surviving family members are eligible for compensation for their loss. The wrongful death of a loved one can result in medical and funeral costs. Our expert attorneys aggressively try wrongful death cases and have a proven record for obtaining generous and fair jury awards for our clients.

Product Liability

When you purchase a product, you do so believing that the manufacturer has ensured the safety of that product through thorough testing and inspections. Successful litigation of a product liability case lies in the prosecuting attorney’s ability to prove that a manufacturer placed a product on the market knowing that it would be used without having been inspected for flaws. Large corporations retain teams of legal experts to defend themselves when they are sued for injuries that were sustained due to their defective products. Van Dorn & Curtiss never backs down when faced with a jury trial against a corporation. Our reputation in the courtroom is so formidable that corporations settle out of court as opposed to battle us before a jury.

Medical Malpractice

As legal experts, the lawyers at Van Dorn & Curtiss know the trust that you place in professionals when you retain their services. Medical professionals in particular have a responsibility to their patients; careless treatment of a patient that results in misdiagnosis has repercussions far beyond simply making a mistake. Misdiagnoses can lead to permanent disability or even death. Doctors, hospitals and nursing homes pay huge malpractice insurance premiums in order to protect themselves, and their insurance companies are powerful enough to try anything to avoid paying claims that injured persons deserve because not all medical errors are covered by medical malpractice laws. Teams of medical malpractice attorneys don’t scare us. In fact, when it becomes clear that we are representing the injured party, those legal teams decide to settle. If they don’t agree to our settlement terms, we will litigate and we will win.

Premises Liability

Property owners are required by law to maintain safe structural conditions as well as adequate lighting and clear walkways. When a property owner is negligent in the upkeep of his property and you are injured as a direct result of that negligence, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. While slips, trips and falls are all possible due to unsafe conditions on public and private property, criminal attacks such as rape, assault, and robbery due to insufficient security are also covered by premises liability law. Van Dorn & Curtiss attorneys specialize in proving negligence on the part of property owners. We will try these cases and recover compensation if a property owner refuses to settle for the damages you deserve.

Dog Bites/Pet Attacks

In recent years, dog bites and other pet attacks have become a serious legal issue. Every year, more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, and 800,000 of the injuries incurred merit medical treatment. Injuries caused by animal bites often require painful and expensive courses of medication to prevent disease as well as medical procedures to close wounds and mend injuries. Owners are legally responsible for the actions of their pets, and any medical costs and other losses caused by an attack by their pets rests with the owners. Van Dorn & Curtiss takes these cases to trial and we will win. Our attorneys recovered a 2.1 million dollar jury verdict in a pit bull attack case. We don’t just settle for less than you deserve. Our aggression in the courtroom gets generous awards for our clients, and other law firms are well aware of it.

Industrial Accidents and Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation laws exist to protect you in the case that you are injured on the job. Accidents do happen, but when an accident could have been prevented by an employer or the equipment manufacturer, you are entitled to additional compensation. Our legal professionals have the knowledge of the varied statutes to successfully prove negligence in such cases, which is often difficult to do. Van Dorn & Curtiss will recover your lifetime of lost wages through aggressive representation and expert litigation.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, contact our experienced and highly qualified New Hampshire personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.  Proudly serving the areas of Manchester, Concord, and Nashua, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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