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Stories of defective vehicles and the deadly dangers they pose have dominated the news as of late. Tragically, news of vehicle defects often comes only after several serious and fatal car accidents have occurred. Even more tragically, many -if not all- of these accidents could be avoided if car companies took proper steps as soon as they became aware of potential dangers.

The sad truth is, car companies have shown a willingness to place profit over customer safety. Large auto manufacturers including Toyota and GM have ignored known safety defects, going so far as to lie to customers even as they continue to manufacture potentially deadly vehicles. This type of gross and intentional negligence cannot be tolerated.

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Types of Vehicle Defects

Airbags that deploy unnecessarily or fail to deploy in an accident have received the bulk of media attention recently. This is due to the fact that an alarming number of vehicles from a wide array of manufacturers have airbag defects. However, defective airbags are not the only potentially deadly vehicle part.

Defective parts that may cause or contribute to an auto accident include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Breaks
  • Fuel pumps
  • Ignition switches
  • Acceleration pedals
  • Electrical components
  • Steering columns

Vehicle defects may be a result of poor design, faulty manufacturing practices, or general oversight. In some cases, defects result from a combination of these and other issues. Regardless of what caused a vehicle defect, when the end result is injury, you have a right to seek compensation well beyond the offerings of motor companies and their insurance agents.

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