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Client Testimonials

We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them... Please contact our Vermont personal injury lawyers for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case. The initial consultation is free.  Serving all of New Hampshire and Vermont including Nashua, Manchester and Concord.

Cheryl H. , Car Accident

Hi I’m Cheryl H. A few years ago my husband and I were in a serious car accident in which the other driver crossed into our lane and hit us head on. My husband broke his back and I hurt my shoulder so bad that I needed surgery. The first lawyer we hired told us our case was only worth a small amount of money. This didn’t make sense to us. My daughter found Van Dorn and Curtiss on the internet and that’s how we came to call Rob Curtiss.

Rob drove the hour and a half from his office to our home to meet with us. He explained to us that our first lawyer was wrong and that our case was worth a lot more money then we had been told. We were immediately comfortable with Robin. He took the time to get to know us and always let us know what was going on with our case.

Throughout the case, Robin always told the insurance company that if it didn’t pay us a fair settlement he would take our case to a jury. Just before trial the insurance company finally put a fair offer on the table that we were able to accept. We really appreciate the fact that Robin hung in there for us. Not to mention that Robin and his assistant, Shelly always made themselves available when we had questions or concerns about anything.

April Hudson, Surgical Medical Malpractice

Hello, my name is April Hudson and I live in Island Pond, Vermont in the Northeast Kingdom.  Several years ago a doctor performed surgery on my foot and made several bad mistakes.  As a result, I had to have more and more surgery and finally my ankle had to be fused so when I walked it was like permanently wearing a ski boot.

I went to see a lawyer in Newport, Vermont and he referred me to Ed Van Dorn.  Thank God he did.  The doctor and his insurance company refused to take responsibility for his mistakes and the disability they caused me.  So we had to take the case to court.  Ed Van Dorn and his firm worked long and hard and finally there was a jury trial in Guildhall, Vermont, in Essex County. During a long trial Ed convinced the jury that the doctor had committed malpractice and they gave me a financial award that I sorely needed.  Not only this, but after the trial, Ed was able to negotiate an addition to the award so I would have enough money to cover all my expenses.

There was a write-up in the paper about my case and I think Ed will make it available with this recommendation.

Ed and his firm truly go the extra mile.  I would highly recommend Ed and his firm, Van Dorn & Curtiss, to anyone who needed a lawyer for a medical malpractice or any serious personal injury claim. 

Victor Kalina, Bicycle/Auto Accident, Traumatic Brain Injury

My name is Victor Kalina and I live in Windsor, Vermont. Several years ago I was riding my bicycle in Hanover, New Hampshire when a car suddenly pulled in front of me and caused a terrible accident.  I was knocked unconscious and was in a coma for several weeks in the hospital.  When I came out of the coma, I was at a loss about what to do.  A friend of mine who was a CPA recommended that I talk to Ed Van Dorn.  Ed agreed to take my case.

From the accident, I was diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and had a very difficult time adjusting to normal life.  My ability to work was severely impaired and I was in serious financial straits. At first, the negligent driver’s insurance company refused to pay a good faith settlement.  Ed filed a law suit on my behalf and went head to head with the insurance company lawyers.

Finally, when he convinced them he was taking the case to trial, they agreed to mediate.  At the mediation, even though the insurance company offered almost the entire policy limit, Ed and I decided to stand fast.  Several weeks after the mediation, Ed convinced one of the defense lawyers they’d better  pay the settlement I needed or the case was going to court. They paid the amount I needed.

Without Ed’s help I don’t know where I’d be today. Because of Ed’s help I now live a full and meaningful life. I’ve remarried and have a loving relationship with my family. I credit the help of Ed Van Dorn for making this possible. He was with me and fought for me every step of the way.

I would whole heartedly recommend Ed and his firm Van Dorn & Curtiss to anyone who needs the best possible personal injury law firm for a serious accident.  I would be willing to talk to anyone with a serious personal injury about what Ed did to help me, especially anyone with a traumatic brain injury. You can contact Ed’s firm for my contact information.


Victor Kalina

Diana Willoughby, Auto Accident, Orthopedic Injuries

My name is Diana Willoughby and I am from Claremont, New Hampshire.  I was involved in an automobile accident in 2004 when my vehicle was struck in the rear by a careless driver.  This began my journey through a quagmire of pain, orthopedic specialists, painful medical procedures, referrals, rigorous physical therapy, and additional hospitalizations stemming from the accidents.

As painful as these injuries and rehabilitation were, I truly did not consider them to be part of the nightmare, because they were, after all, accidents. The actual nightmares were delivered through the callous indifference of insurance companies and the sheer insanity of the Workers Compensation system. Insurance companies fought with each other and Workers Comp fought with me.  My checks were often withheld for months at a time with no explanation and few options for recourse. During all of this fighting, my bills piled higher as my financial resources dwindled. I was confounded by the conflicting directions I was expected to follow, especially when my case worker’s name seemed to change on a weekly basis. When a Workers’ Comp doctor actually hurt me during an examination in order to prove that I was not really injured, I finally understood that these institutions were not invested in my well-being at all.  It was all about saving them money.

After two years, I was finally well enough to return to work full time, although I would never be able to resume my normal duties, and it was time to discuss a financial settlement.  My attorney referred me to Robin Curtiss of Van Dorn and Curtiss, PLLC.  That same month, we learned that my sweetheart, now my husband, had cancer and was facing a battle for his life.  I nearly despaired of the task before me: How could I get anyone to really understand the ordeal I’d been through, much less place a monetary value on it? Would these people understand that my energies needed to be devoted to helping my husband instead of my “case?” With much trepidation, I finally responded to their letter of inquiry.

As I reflect upon my experience with Robin and Shelly, his most capable assistant, I find myself thinking in superlatives.  Words like integrity, honesty, and diligence flow effortlessly from my fingers, but even those hardly describe the courtesy and respect I was afforded by these remarkable individuals.  They quietly and unobtrusively took my burden as their own, untangling my nightmare with all its complications, all while giving me the privacy and space I needed to deal with my husband’s illness.  In a relatively short time, long-delayed medical bills were paid, insurance companies stopped calling me, and the Workers’ Comp demons simply disappeared.   The dollar amount of my settlement was larger than I would have ever imagined, even in my wildest dreams.  Thank you, Robin and Shelly, for your part in restoring serenity and peace of mind to my world. I know that whoever finds their way to your door will find compassion, competence, ethical treatment, and - above all - justice.

Diana Willoughby, Claremont, New Hampshire

Rick Kelley, Auto Accident, Back Injury, $750,000 Settlement

Hello, I’m Rick Kelley and I live in Houlton, Maine. Several years ago I was rear-ended while driving and suffered a back injury. The back injury got worse and worse and eventually I was unable to continue working as a landscape architect. Needless to say I was very concerned about my future.

My father suggested I talk to Robin Curtiss, who was representing him at the time. The first time Robin and I met he told me that Van Dorn & Curtiss was a “full service firm” which meant that they would help me with every aspect of my case. This turned out to be true. Not only did Robin aggressively pursue the insurance company of the driver who hit me – he also helped me obtain payments through my employment disability insurance and eventually helped me obtain social security disability payments as well.

At first, the insurance company of the driver who hit me refused to pay. Robin told the company we would have to try the case and began preparing to do just that. When the company realized he was serious – they settled the case for $750,000.00, an amount I considered fair. But Robin wasn’t done – he negotiated down the amounts I needed to reimburse my own insurance company for the medical payments it had made. Everything Robin did was aimed at maximizing the amount of money I would put in my pocket at the end of the day. Robin’s efforts truly helped me get my life back on track. He became my friend as well as my lawyer. I have recommended Robin to my own friends and acquaintances and I recommend him to you as well.

Evie Newbold, Attacked by Akita dog.

My name is Evie Newbold. In June of 2003, at the age of 18 I came from my home in the United Kingdom to work at a children’s summer camp in northern New Hampshire. Not long after I arrived, I was bitten in the face by a large Akita dog. The owner of the dog never warned me that his dog could be dangerous. I ended up requiring a three layer skin closure and some scaring is still visible on the left side of my face. 

Being only 18 and from a foreign country as well, I didn’t really have any idea what I should be doing to protect my rights against the dog owner. My parents contacted Robin Curtiss via the internet and I’m really glad they did. Robin explained to us that he could handle my claim even after I returned to England. He and his assistant Shelly always kept me well informed about what was going on with my case.

Later, my parents and I came to New Hampshire to enter into settlement discussions with the dog owner’s insurance company. Robin really took the time to explain the process to all of us. He also made us very comfortable that if the insurance company didn’t make a fair offer he would take our case to trial. In the end I was quite pleased with the settlement Robin negotiated on my behalf. I am certainly happy that we found Van Dorn & Curtiss. They made a tough experience much easier to get through.

Deb Hale "Make the Right Choice"

I am writing this in hopes that it helps someone make the right choice when deciding on a lawyer. 

I had hired a local lawyer who was referred to me by a friend.  After about 3.5 years of going nowhere he decided to retire.  He in turn gave my case to Van Dorn & Curtiss.  This is where I met Kristin and her wonderful paralegal Shelly.  I instantly noticed a difference.  They believed me and made me feel like I was the only client they had (obviously I was not).  I was a priority.

I cannot say enough about Shelly.  SOOO smart, organized and pleasant.  Never once would I have thought calling my lawyers office would be an enjoyable experience.  It was like she had all the answers right in front of her all the time.  She is caring and honest and just such a pleasure to work with. 

Kristin is just amazing.  She is beyond smart and motivated.  She has a wonderful personality and is effective.  Kristin made every situation we went into (depositions, IME Examinations, mediation) feel comfortable.  She is honest, knows what works and also when to back off.  We had a few great road trips to Albany, NY!!!  Super easy to spend time with.  She is the complete lawyer. 

I really could go on and on about my A+, 5 star experience but hopefully from what I have written you know that you are making the right choice if you choose Van Dorn & Curtiss.  

Deborah A. Hale

Concord, NH

Clay Barclay-Workers Compensation

Clay Barclay was injured in an industrial accident when a 1000 pound door swung open under pressure and knocked him to the ground. Attorney Curtiss negotiated a $900,000 settlement as well as wiping out a workers compensation lien that was worth over $500,000.

Robert N. - "they really knew what they were doing when it came to personal injury"

My name is Robert W. Nutting. A few years ago I was shopping in a large chain store when I slipped in some linseed oil that had been spilled on the floor. I ended up seriously injuring my right shoulder and I eventually needed surgery.

I contacted Van Dorn & Curtiss because I heard they really knew what they were doing when it came to personal injury. Robin Curtiss was able to arrange a sit down with the store’s attorneys. It was a long day but at the end we settled the case for an amount I considered quite fair. Robin did a great job for me and I would recommend him to anybody with a personal injury claim.