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Spice is the rather vague and misleading name given to any number of synthetic or natural herbs that mimic the effect of cannabinoids. Also known as synthetic marijuana, Spice has long been sold in head shops, at gas stations, and over the internet.

Spice is not regulated by any government agency, though the DEA has classified five commonly used ingredients as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances, making them illegal to buy or sell. However, clever manufacturers have adapted by using different chemical configurations, allowing products to continue to remain on shelves and accessible to even younger consumers.

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Who Is Liable for Spice Injuries?

Spice is labeled “Not for Human Consumption” by its manufacturers – though they certainly know that is how this product is used. Sadly, Spice is often targeted towards younger children and marketed to appeal to those who may not fully understand its dangers.

As with any dangerous product, those who manufacture and sell Spice may be liable for any damages it causes. However, without a dedicated and determined personal injury attorney on your side, you will most likely never see any of the compensation you are due.

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