Who Will Pay Your Medical Expenses After an Auto Accident?

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“The other driver caused the accident. Shouldn’t that person pay my medical expenses?”

An auto accident is a terrifying event, but it doesn’t take long to go from fear to frustration. It is not uncommon for a car crash, even a seemingly minor fender-bender, to lead to serious injuries. You might feel just fine right after the collision, but within a few hours or days, the pain sets in. Eventually you end up at the doctor’s office, only to find out that you have sustained significant injuries.

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Medical Expenses & Car Accidents

The law states that the negligent party in an accident must pay all reasonable medical expenses related to the car crash injuries. What types of medical expenses would apply? Basically, any of the following might be considered part of your care and treatment following the crash:

  • Emergency room visit
  • Treatment in the ER
  • Hospital bills
  • Medical treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Medications

Sometimes, there is a discrepancy regarding whether the medical expenses were actually related to the car accident injury. The insurance company might employ the assistance of outside doctors in an attempt to prove that your medical expenses had nothing to do with the accident.

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