Soft Tissue Injuries in New Hampshire Car Accidents

Each year there are thousands of car accidents in New Hampshire. Statistically there are more car accidents in New Hampshire than many other states due to dangerous seasonal driving conditions, especially winter; antiquated secondary roads and rural highways. Some of these accidents result in death but the vast majority result in soft tissue injury.

A soft tissue injury is generally defined as an injury where no bones (hard tissue) are broken. In New Hampshire soft tissue injuries frequently result from car accidents in the winter when one car skids on ice and hits another car at relatively low speeds. The soft tissue injury victim often doesn’t realize that they have been significantly injured until some time after the accident occurs. The victim often doesn’t seek medical attention until days or sometimes weeks later. New Hampshire folks are known for being pretty tough and resilient so we often have clients in our office who come in and say they were just waiting for the pain, stiffness and other symptoms to go away, and it was only when they persisted that they finally sought medical attention. In this typical situation the insurance company for the negligent driver often uses the delay in treatment as an excuse to deny or minimize the value of the claim.

We here at Van Dorn & Curtiss know that simply because an accident victim waited some time before getting treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean the soft tissue injury victim didn’t suffer serious injuries. Many doctors will tell you that some soft tissue injuries including, sprains and torn ligaments can be more problematic and difficult to heal than some bone fractures


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