Beware of Settlement Mills

There are a lot of law firms out there who hold themselves out as "personal injury" law lawyers but in reality they are just "settlement mills". These law firms usually heavily advertise as "personal injury" lawyers on tv and in the phone books but do not really function as lawyers. What they do is collect information about the case, send it to the insurance company and try to negotiate settlements without ever leaving their desks. Eventually they accept whatever the insurance company feels like paying for the claim. They have no leverage because the insurance companies know that they wont go to court. They make up in volume for what they don't get for the individual clients. In many cases the client has no idea what their case is worth, so the case is settled and they are none the wiser. Sometimes they client senses they are getting a raw deal and will seek a second opinion about their case. Many of these clients wind up in our offices. We are often shocked by what their "settlement mill" lawyers were trying to get them to accept as a settlement. Because our law firm has a reputation for going to court when necessary to fight the insurance companies we are usually able to negotiate much better settlements for our clients. And in those rare cases when the insurance company won't pay a fair settlement we have no problem going to court and asking a jury for an award that usually winds up being greater than the amount we were originally willing to settle for. This gives us the leverage our clients need to get fair settlements. See our client testimonials and sample cases to learn about our results.

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Backed by decades of collective experience, our seasoned attorneys can navigate personal injury victims through multiple legal matters.

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