Does The Medical System Really Make Life Threatening Mistakes?

When people employed in the medical industry learn that I represent victims of medical malpractice against hospitals, doctors and other medical providers I often get a cold reception. With the medical professionals willing to talk with me about (yes I do have friends and colleagues in the medical profession and they do talk to me) they candidly admit that mistakes are made in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices that often cause serious injury and sometimes death. For the most part they also agree that the victims of these mistakes should have legal recourse and should receive reasonable compensation for their losses.

Sometimes the mistakes are on an individual level and sometimes they are big and very dangerous mistakes that threaten the safety and wellbeing of large numbers of people. One of the big mistakes was made recently in one of the nation's biggest medical laboratories, Quest Diagnostics in the testing of vitamin levels in blood samples. To read about it see the January 7, 2008 NY Times article. Mistakes like these have the potential of causing serious problems. False results may lead to patient's changing or eliminating important supplements they are required to take to maintain good health. False results could even lead to toxic overdoses.

Does the medical industry make mistakes? You bet it does. Our legal system of medical malpractice law is necessary and vital to redress those mistakes asking only that the persons or corporations responsible for making them should be made to pay the costs of the mistakes. Otherwise the entire burden of medical mistakes would be thrust on the victim. This is unwise and unfair and contrary to our tried and true system of American justice. To learn more about medical malpractice and our law firm's experience in this area of the law visit the Medical Malpractice Section of This Website.


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