Robin Curtiss Settles Automobile Accident Case for $50,000

Colety Case Settles for $50,000

Denise Colety drove to work Wednesday, March 15, 2006 when another vehicle slid out of control on the snowy roads and into Denise’s lane colliding with her and totaling her car. She bit through her lip and later vomited blood. Her left knee hurt. Her left shoulder was swollen and ached as a result of her collision with the dash board. Mrs. Colety had never been in an automobile accident before. She was in tears, afraid to drive again.

As a grandmother, Denise enjoyed spending time with her grand children and gardening. As a result of her injuries, she no longer was able to so this at the level she had before the crash. Mrs. Colety had racked up some medical bills as well, over $15,000 to be more specific. She contacted Van Dorn & Curtiss attorneys who, for over thirty years have specialized in helping accident victims get back to normal.

The two parties agreed to have a mediator help settle the case in Portsmouth on May 19, 2009 before going to a trial. At first, the insurance adjuster didn’t show up, usually a sign that the case will not settle that day. Rob went ballistic arguing that his presentation would be more effective if seen in person. He took the adjuster’s absence as sign that Geico, the defendant’s insurance carrier did not intend to settle the case that day.

With our mediator, William H. Mulvey, Jr., Rob began to argue for the strength of Denise’s case in terms of liability. By the time Rob had finished the defense attorney had apologized to Rob for not telling him that there would be no adjuster present and never really matched Rob’s skill level. Bids were exchanged back and forth between the two parties as Rob continued to show no aversion of taking this case in front of a jury. Just two and a half hours later the Coletys accepted Geico’s offer of $50,000 and by five o’clock in the afternoon were seen strolling through the streets of Portsmouth on their way to a celebratory dinner. Mr. Mulvey stated “another attorney would have settled this case for $25,000.” But with the hard working team at Van Dorn and Curtiss, the Colety’s got what they deserved.


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