Three Steps for Talking to Seniors About Driving

Many seniors experience deteriorating motor skills as they get older, making the task of driving more difficult and more dangerous. Seniors may have trouble seeing and hearing hazards on the road, quickly diagnosing situations from behind the wheel, or reacting to changing conditions while driving.

Though driving is a measure of skill, and not years, there is certainly a correlation between aging and driving ability. Deteriorating skills may make driving difficult for seniors, leading to dangerous situations on the road. These dangers may include:

• failing to see signs or road hazards at night
• hitting pedestrians or bicyclists on the side of the road
• swerving off the road in construction zones
• failing to stop in time at lights or for traffic
• failing to adjust to inclement weather or changing driving conditions

Some of these situations may result in significant consequences for senior drivers and others on the road. They may lead to one-car accidents, accidents involving bikes or pedestrians, or multi-car and head-on collisions. Injuries or death can occur from these wrecks.

To keep everyone on the roads safe, it is important to monitor and speak with the senior drivers in your family. There are three steps you can follow with your loved ones to ensure that they are as safe as possible on the road:

1. Early Planning. It's important to establish an early plan to help aging drivers, giving everyone involved plenty of time to adjust to new patterns and prepare for changes.
2. Communication. It's important to remain in constant communication with a senior driver in order to diagnose deteriorating skills.
3. Skills Assessment. Because it is often difficult for seniors to assess their own driving abilities, it is important to do frequent skills assessments for senior drivers. This ensures that they have the necessary skills to operate a vehicle, and allows you to take immediate action if necessary.

By diagnosing deteriorating driving skills in seniors, and by communicating with your loved ones about the risks inherent in driving, you can make a difference in keeping New Hampshire's roads safer. Everyone, including seniors, deserves to be as safe as possible behind the wheel.

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