Three Tips to Driving on Vermont and New Hampshire Snow and Ice Covered Roads

This has been an exceptionally storm-ridden winter for the country. Unfortunately, Vermont and New Hampshire did not escape the wrath of Mother Nature as she unleashed her fury on the North East. Storms left the roadways covered with snow and ice resulting in many fatal car accidents.

If you are planning on traveling by car, there are many safety tips that you can follow to help keep you, your family and other drivers safe. Here are three of these tips:

  1. Decrease your speed and leave plenty of room to stop. Drive at speeds that allow you to maintain complete control of your vehicle and come to a sudden stop, if needed.
  2. In the event that you have to come to a stop, brake gently. Sudden pressure on your brakes can result in your brakes locking up and your vehicle skidding out of control. If your brakes do lock up, ease off the brake pedal gently.
  3. Turn your lights on for the duration of your trip. This will allow other motorists to see you easier and will help you avoid an unfortunate collision.

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