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  • Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities not Uncommon
    As a pedestrian, you can suffer catastrophic personal injuries if you are involved in a car accident. Completely unprotected, you are vulnerable in ...
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  • Truck Accident Dos and Don'ts
    Steps you should take after a truck accident include: Get yourself and others to a safe location. Seek medical attention right away if you think your ...
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  • Uninsured Drivers in Car Accidents
    The majority of US states require all drivers to have some form of auto liability insurance, with the exception of New Hampshire. Unfortunately, many ...
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  • Drugged Drivers Are Liable for Accidents They Cause
    Dizziness, drowsiness, trouble concentrating and unsteadiness – these are among the many common side effects of a popular prescription depressant. ...
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  • Are Certain Dog Breeds More Prone to Attack?
    There is a lot of debate regarding whether certain dog breeds are innately more dangerous than others. Some argue that breeds, such as pit bulls and ...
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  • Insurance and Car Accidents
    Many people instinctively turn immediately to their insurance companies after car accidents. This is perfectly understandable; after all, when you pay ...
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  • Truck Accidents and Weather
    New Hampshire and Vermont residents understand bad weather. We are no stranger to violent rain storms and blizzards. Even so, we also understand what ...
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  • Rear-End Car Accidents
    You can sometimes see it coming from the rearview mirror. Sometimes you’re caught unaware. Regardless, car accidents from behind can be devastating. ...
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