Truck Accidents and Weather

New Hampshire and Vermont residents understand bad weather. We are no stranger to violent rain storms and blizzards. Even so, we also understand what it takes to drive safely in bad weather. This is not always the case with all vehicles on the road. When it comes to large trucks, dangerous weather conditions become a leading factor in accidents with them.

Tractor trailer drivers understand the need to drive cautiously in bad weather conditions. One thing for passenger vehicle drivers to consider is that driving they consider safe may in fact be very dangerous to trucks. Weather conditions including rain, fog, snow, and sleet can be catastrophic and deadly for all vehicles around trucks if they suddenly begin to jack knife or slide. Truck accidents are much more likely to maim and kill victims than are accidents with another passenger vehicle.

In addition to rain, snow, and sleet, heat can also be a serious problem for trucks. Heat causes tire blowouts, which may cause the truck to roll. Heat also causes driver fatigue much more quickly than other driving conditions.

High winds can cause high profile vehicles to swerve. Gusts of winds that move the trailer will cause the cab to follow. Losing control of a tractor trailer during high winds is especially deadly because it is often hard to bring these vehicles back under control.

All truck drivers are trained how to drive in inclement weather. They also understand that fatigue sets in much faster when they’re under constant strain in bad weather. Fatigue itself is dangerous when it causes a large truck to go out of control.

If you have been injured in a truck accident because of the weather, please contact the New Hampshire and Vermont truck accident attorneys at Van Dorn and Curtiss for an initial consultation.


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