Dog Attacks

Many people who have been attacked by dogs believe they did nothing wrong and did not provoke the animal. However, dogs may attack for several different reasons. They may be angry, agitated, or feel threatened.

So-called dangerous dogs, like pit bulls, Presa Canarios, chows, and other breeds are known about because they are in dog bite stories that make the news. However, many people suffer dog bites from Dalmatians and Labradors, too. Training and temperament both play a role in how dogs react around family and friends, as well as strangers.

Children and Dogs

Children often suffer dog bites, either in their own home or at that of a friend or family member. The small size of some children, which puts them at eye level of the dog, as well as the boisterous and playful nature might bother dogs. This can get children hurt. As adults and parents, and often dog owners, it is up to us to watch children around dogs. We need to teach them not to approach strange dogs, ask the dog’s owner if it is okay for the child to pet the dog, and be ready to pull the child away if there is a sign of trouble.

Dog’s Training

Training goes a long way in how a dog may tolerate strangers. Owners of puppies often take them to parks to get them accustomed to children and strangers, so that they will not lash out in the future. Of course, there are plenty of stories of dogs being abused by their owners, or trained as attack animals. This is another reason to avoid strange animals, especially those dogs that may have escaped from enclosures and are wandering the streets.


Dogs are often fiercely loyal to their owners and their owner’s property. Many dogs do not like it when someone strange approaches their yard, their house, or the vehicle they are in. They may know you aren’t supposed to be near their home or yard, and will act aggressively toward you.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in New Hampshire or Vermont, including the areas of Concord, Manchester and Nashua, please contact the experienced dog bite attorneys at the Law Offices of Van Dorn & Curtiss today.


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