Bicycle Accidents And Your Medical Bills

Car accidents are sadly common in Manchester and around the country, and they can have devastating effects on the lives of those involved. However, at least those involved in car accidents have some measure of protection. Bicyclists are uniquely vulnerable in any sort of collision, and all of the common car accident injuries are in play for bicyclists as well. A skilled car accident attorney will be able to help a bicyclist if he or she has been the victim of a collision with a car. This post serves a brief overview of what an attorney with experience in car accident litigation can do for you if you’ve been struck by a car while riding your bike.

Determining Fault

Many drivers simply fail to see bicyclists on the road, even when the person on the bike is following the law to the letter. The causes are often similar to those of motorcycle accidents. As experienced accident attorneys, it’s our job to investigate the accident and determine if the driver of the car was at fault for the collision. You have a right to the road, even on a bicycle. If you were following the law and travelling safely, only to suffer an accident due to the misconduct or negligence of the car driver, then you are entitled to justice and compensation.

Medical Expenses

One of the key elements in any personal injury case is the victim’s medical bills. If you’ve been struck by a car while riding your bike, you’ve likely suffered substantial injuries. If the driver of the car is at fault, an attorney experienced in car accident cases can help you receive payment for your medical bills. You should not be made to suffer financially for another driver’s mistakes.

If you’ve been the victim of a car-bicycle accident in the Manchester area and you need a skilled attorney to represent you, please contact The Law Offices of Van Dorn & Curtiss to schedule a free consultation.


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