Teenagers and Car Accidents in Manchester

Teenagers are understandably excited when they earn their driver’s license. For them, that license is a ticket to fun and freedom, and they’re not wrong. However, many parents worry about the potential for car accidents, and they’re not wrong either. Teens are especially vulnerable to the risks of distracted driving, among other dangers. Accidents cause injuries, injuries cause skyrocketing medical bills and all of these things can end up in a courtroom, argued over by lawyers. This post provides a bit of context and a broad overview of what parents of teenagers can expect.


Experienced car accident lawyers know that while many teenagers are safe, capable drivers, the statistics just don’t lie. Teens, especially young men, are more likely to get into accidents than other age groups. They’re also more likely to cause accidents as a result of dangerous behavior like texting or drinking and driving. Car accidents are the leading killer of American teenagers today.

Parental Liability

Most parents understand that when they add a teenager to their car insurance their premiums will rise. However, many are surprised when their car accident lawyer tells them they are liable for their teen’s accident. This is a complicated area of law and each case is unique, but as a general rule parents can be held responsible for their teenager’s actions when the child is driving a car. That includes medical bills to pay for another victim’s injuries and a host of other expenses.

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