The Driver's Responsibility

Many truck accidents in Manchester occur because one of the drivers breaches part of his duty as a steward of the road. When you take a vehicle out on the road, whether it’s a bike, a motorcycle, a car or a truck, you have certain responsibilities. It’s when drivers breach those responsibilities that we see accidents, lives ruined and lawyers called in to pursue justice and compensation. Every accident is unique and has its own set of causes and consequences. A lawyer experienced with truck and car accidents will be able to investigate an accident, determine its cause and figure which driver breached his duties.

Your Responsibility

Essentially, you have a series of simple duties as a driver. Your main responsibility is to follow the rules of the road. You breach that responsibility when you speed, run through a stop sign or fail to follow any official road signs. This breach often causes accidents, and these accidents can produce devastating injuries to their victims.

One of the primary tasks for an accident investigator, whether it’s an insurance adjustor, law enforcement official, or truck accident lawyer like those found at Van Dorn & Curtiss, is to determine the responsibilities each driver in an accident had before the collision. Having determined that, the next task is to figure out which driver in the truck or car accident breached his duty and caused the accident.

This breach is a primary determinant of liability in a car or truck accident, and your lawyer will be able to use liability to pursue compensation for the pain and lost income you’ve suffered as a result of your accident.

If you’re the victim of a truck or car accident in the Manchester area and you’d like to speak to a lawyer about your case, please contact The Law Offices of Van Dorn & Curtiss to schedule a free consultation.


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