National Cellphone Courtesy Month

July is National Cellphone Courtesy month, providing each of us with an opportunity to reassess how our cellphone use can endanger those around us. Evolving from simple telephones to handheld computers, cellphones have become ubiquitous in our culture, and while their uses are plenty and often beneficial, their ever-presence is also a cause for some concern as more and more people find it near impossible to tear themselves away from the tiny screen. This month, think about your relationship with your cellphone, how it impacts others, and ways you can protect yourself and your community from the dangers posed by constant connection.

According to the National Safety Council, cellphone use alone – including talking and texting – causes 26% of all serious auto accidents every year. Drivers distracted by cellphones can often be seen swerving, failing to stop, and ignoring traffic signals. But while distracted driving is of great concern, it is not the only time cellphones can place you and others in danger.

Distracted walking, biking, and even skiing have become real concerns over the past several years. Our culture’s love affair with cellphones has created an epidemic of inattention and, in the process, placed everyone at increased risk for serious or fatal injury. You can do your part by using your phone responsibly and only during times where you can focus your entire attention on it. You cannot, however, make others behave as carefully.


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